Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Fountain Photo Contest ! 1000L prize !!!

#Before Sleep# & .:Midnight Mania Slapper:. are having a photo contest with a grand prize of L$1000!!

Wanna Enter? Here's what you need to do!

1. Take a photo (photos MUST contain a FOUNTAIN [as I know there have been about a thousand listed in the last two months]).

2. You MUST wear and use as many MM items as you can. Skins, shoes, hair, you name it. If you've won it -- it can be in the photo. (I understand if all items are not MM this is fine)

3. You can have as many people in the photo as you like -- but only the notecard sender will receive the grand prize.

4. This is not a beauty contest -- but a chance to be creative and have fun!

5. NO NUDITY -- if you can't wear it in a PG sim -- don't wear in the photo (or not wear it as the case may be)

6. Entry forms* must be filled out completely and photos inserted into form (just drag the full perm photo to the form you will see an icon and know it's there).

7. Only notecards placed in the contest mailbox will be accepted. This can be found @ http://slurl.com/secondlife/Iowa/124/8/28 It's the BIG BLUE mailbox with the sign over it.

8. Feel free to use Photoshop or Gimp etc. if you like. THIS is not required

9. All entries must be entered by July 14 @ 11:59 pm SLT

10. One photo per person. IF you enter many photos -- all will be tossed out. (don't worry I will make sure it's not just an accident and you dropped the entry twice)

11. The winning photo will be posted in the #Before Sleep# Shop. The winner will be contacted within one week of the deadline.

12. If you enter this contest it is assumed that I will take possession of the photo. I will not use any photo for anything but contest promotion.

13. No cheating!! Please don't use an alt to enter more than once!!

14. It's my contest -- so I call the shots. All decisions are final.

*Entry form*

Avatar Name:
(Make sure this correct -- this is who will win the prize if chosen)

Photo: Drag the photo from your inventory to this card. The photos MUST be full perm -- the notecards also.

Type your name here to accept all the terms of the contest!!

Questions can be submitted via notecard to Sarahlin Constantine. Note: You do NOT have to be a memeber of MMS or Before Sleep (but hey, it can't hurt to get free stuff and updates)

<3> Hair
A:S:S - Cyberstar skin (female)

On him
The Stringer Mausoleum ~ Hair
A:S:S - Cyberstar skin (male)
Shirt and Jeans from #Before Sleep#)

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